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Extensions for Trichotillomania


DMV Hair Extensions-loss replacement hair prosthesis pieces are perfect for men or women who want to avoid surgeries and recuperation of a hair transplant. Your hair piece can be installed and worn for over 4 weeks. Your piece is custom made for you and you only have the following textures, straight, wavy or curly hair. We will adapt the unit to your own natural hair. We apply the hair piece using a surgical special medical grade adhesive, this guaranteed to last to 8 weeks before it need to be taken off and reapplied

DMV Hair Extensions Quality Hairpieces
We know how important quality is when it comes to choosing a hair piece. If the hairpiece doesn’t look good, you will not want to wear it on your head. If the hairpiece is recognized immediately as fake, who will want to wear it? That is why we provide ourselves with making quality hair pieces and hair replacement systems. We Know that once a customer wears a DMV Hair Extensions hair piece or a stylist purchases our product they will become one of our customers forever.
Hair Treatments for Trichotillomania

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