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Micro Links Extensions sometimes referred to as bead extensions are natural and very lightweight on the head. There are several colors and lengths to choose from, and the strands are applied without any heat. (202) 978-1477

Length Quantity Price
16 200 Strands $Call For Price Price includes hair
18 200 Strands $Call For Price Price includes hair
20 200 Strands $Call For Price Price includes hair
22 200 Strands $Call For Price Price includes hair
24 200 Strands $Call For Price Price includes hair
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Due to the high demand in Micro Link Hair Extensions, clients need an understanding of what questions to ask. Were available to answer any questions you may have about this process.

The “Micro-Link”/Micro-Ring Hair Extensions system is the most advanced technology of hair extensions available!This method of hair extensions is the most prefered by those that desire natural looking hair extensions. This is the only hair extensions method that doesn’t require the use of braids, heat, adhesives (glue), chemicals, sewing, or braiding methods. This Technique will last up to 5 months.

The MicroLink itself are round colored coil looking attachments that are matched to the color of your hair giving your hair weave a natural flowing appearance. These MicroLinks will easily attach your hair extensions on to your own hair. Also these MicroLinks are easily removed. While wearing our MicroLink hair extensions, your own hair will become healthier than before you put in the hair extensions! This is because the hair extensions will protect your own hair from typical day-to-day”wear and tear” it would normally go through.

There are numerous hair extension methods on the market today and unfortunately, there are very few that look great and wear great. If you choose the wrong hair extension application method, your natural hair is at risk of being severely damaged.

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