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Brazilian Bodywave

Ponytail Brazilian Bodywave Track Extensions

Coco La Rue Hair is the Bently of Hair Extensions! Our closures are made with our hair line. No other brand of extensions will match our hair extensions like our closure. CoCo La Rue Signature Collection of Indian Remy is Guarantee to last 3 years on darker colored hair! Our hair is made with 100% human hair, no synthetic or animal hair is added. NO Tangling and very little shedding! Checkout our customer review

Weight: Approximately 4 Oz "This item will ship within 10 business days of when the order is placed using standard shipping (priority) Express orders will be shipped within 5 business days.

When your hair looks great. you feel great on the inside out. While outward appearance isn't everything, self confidence is important. Knowing your hair looks great will set the tone for your entire day. You'll have the confidence you need to face any challenge that comes your way. People will instantly notice the change. Our hair extension closures will give you the edge you need to instantly take your hairstyle from average to fabulous.

We offer several different options for hair extension closures to ensure you achieve the look you want. Hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair with out natural closures. In fact, our closures contain baby hair in the front to create the look of a natural hairline. We have closures for every hair type and style you want. You can select from the following options:

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