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Natural Hair


DMV Hair Extensions is a natural hair-care salon. We combine hair extensions with natural hair. You do need chemicals in order to get extensions. Natural hair extensions are a perfect way to add fullness, volume or length.

Service Price
Wash/flat Iron $150
Up-Do Style $125
Silk Press $135
Hard Press & Curl $150
Conditioner Treatment (Extra) $65
Texturizer (Extra) $85


At Home Care For Natural Hair

Shower Filter– Water is the ultimate moisturizer. The only trouble is if you have hard water issues and the quality of your water is not up to par, you may not see much benefit from it. A shower filter will remove all of the drying deposits from your water, so you can have a more enjoyable and moisturizing experience. Bed Bath & Beyond has great at home filters that works for both residential and apartment.

Silk Scarf With Built In Moisturizer– There are satin bonnets that will not only protect your hair at night, but will also aid in preserving your hair moisture. Treat your hair with a lite oil with DMV Hair Extensions' new night time oil treatment. Keep your hair moisturized as you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Humidifier– Natural hair is very susceptible to the environment so if you are dealing with extreme weather conditions it will affect your hair. If you live in a very cold or hot dry climate, the humidifier will help to put moisture back into the air. DMV Hair Extensions' suggests you use this tool at night before going to bed. In addition to reviving your hair, it is also good for warding off germs and cold/allergy prevention.

Plastic Caps– These are great for deep conditioning sessions at home sitting underneath your home hair dryer. They help keep things from getting too messy and also aid in helping to create a high shine effect on your hair.

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