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Brazilian Knots

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Brazilian Knots are a glue free alternative to bonded hair extensions. Unlike bonded hair extensions they will not clump or fuse together when exposed to heat and generally do not shed. Brazilian knots are for natural curly or straight hair. Not recommended for perm/relaxed or bleached hair color. Can be worn up to 150 days(5 months). Client video testimonial

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24 Full Head $Call For Price Price includes hair
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Brazilian Knot Extension is loose bulk hair woven into your natural hair a few strands at a time and secured with thread. The thread used to create the hair extension attachment has a very thin, elasticised strip running though the center which does not come into contact with the natural hair. The thread is the same color as your hair. Strand-by-strand extensions allow for greater versatility in styling and last for up to 5 months. This hair extension application technique was designed to be safe for long term wear and easy to maintain. The cotton provides an ultra strong, flexible barrier, preventing damage to your hair. This creates a bind-stronger than even GLUE! The knot themselves tend to stay completely intact until they are professionally removed. Removal is quick and easy, your Brazilian Knots can be removed in around 45 minute. Brazilian Knots are safe for chemically damaged hair and once applied you can wear your hair in most styles.

CONS: Some women find the Brazilian Knots uncomfortable for the first 48 hours.

FINAL VERDICT: The Brazilian Knot attachment technique is popular because its gentle on the natural hair and can be worn for months at a time. With this hair extension method you will not need professional maintenance ortop up appointments.


How long should my natural hair beto get Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions ?

For great results your hair should be at least 6 – 8 inches long.

How long does it take to have Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions installed?

Depending on the length, thickness of your hair they can be applied in under 5 hours minutes generally.

Should I ‘rest my hair between services?

This type of hair extension is safe to wear consecutively for approximately 5 years. After 5 years the condition of your hair and scalp must be reassessed periodically

Once the Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions are in, do they feel heavy?

When your hair extensions are first applied you will notice they are there, but after about 4 days they should feel more comfortable.

Can I wash my hair daily?

Yes, you can wash your hair as often as you wish.

I work out daily, will my Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions fall out if I sweat a lot?

Your hair extensions will be unaffected by sweat.

Can I use hair straighteners and hair dryers on my Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions?

Yes you can

How do I wash my hair whilst wearing my Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions?

While wearing Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions it’s best to wash your hair in the shower. Washing your hair extensions with your head in an upright position helps prevent tangling

Can I color my hair while wearing Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions?

Yes. You can continue your hair color services.

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