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DMV Hair Extensions Services

(Service fees do not include the cost of hair.)

Hair Extension Style

DMV Hair Extensions offers diverse, trendsetting natural hair extension styles for all occasions. With categories like casual, formal, and alternative, their professional team provides suitability information and customizable hair colors.

Hair Extensions

Micro Link Extensions

Micro Links Extensions sometimes referred to as bead extensions are natural and very lightweight on the head. There are several colors and lengths to choose from, and the strands are applied without any heat.

Hair Extensions

Brazilian Knots Extensions

Brazilian Knots offered by DMV Hair Extensions are a heat-resistant and non-clumping alternative to bonded hair extensions. They are suitable for natural curly or straight hair, and are known for their minimal shedding and glue-free application.

Hair Extensions

Sew in Tracks

Sew in Weave are popular amongst Celebrities, professional career women and pageant models. They are comfortable to wear with a natural effect. Infact many women have already made sew in weaves.

Hair Extensions

Extensions for Trichotillomania

DMV Hair Extensions offers custom-made hair prosthesis pieces for men and women, providing a non-surgical alternative to hair transplants. These pieces are applied with a medical-grade adhesive, lasting up to 8 weeks before needing reapplication.

Hair Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

DMV Hair Extensions offers high-quality eyelash extensions made with real human hair. These extensions add length, thickness, and fullness to natural lashes. They are designed to be long-lasting and applied with a strong adhesive, ensuring they stay in place even during showering, sleeping, or swimming.

Hair Extensions

Infusion Hair Extensions

Generally it takes about 250 strands for a full head of extensions, and lasts about 4 to 6 months. Prices for this service is $10 per strand including the hair, lighter colors are $15.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Color

DMV Hair Extensions' Signature Hair Extensions Collection is made of human hair and can be colored, although caution is advised to prevent damage.

Hair Extensions

Natural Hair

DMV Hair Extensions is a natural hair-care salon. We combine hair extensions with natural hair. You do need chemicals in order to get extensions. Natural hair extensions are a perfect way to add fullness, volume or length.

Hair Extensions

Onset Makeup Artist

DMV Hair Extensions offers a variety of makeup products, including custom blend foundations for all skin tones. Our team of beauty professionals ensures you look stunning for weddings, proms, birthdays, and special occasions.

Hair Extensions

Bridal Hair Salon

DMV Hair Extensions is the ultimate place for bridal beauty, offering exquisite accessories and event photography. They cater to large wedding parties, creating individual styles and capturing precious moments.

Hair Extensions

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