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Bring a difference to your hair game at DMV Hair Extensions

Bring a difference to your hair game at DMV Hair Extensions

The wait is finally over!! DMV Hair Extensions Washington DC have unveiled our exclusive range of hair products to help you up your hair game. And while these haircare line will stand with your real hair through thick and thin, they won’t leave your hair extensions in distress.

The hair extension game is really heating up. Women are swooning over these artificial tresses of hair which can create an authentic illusion to go from short hair to bouncy waves of hair in minutes. Our hair products at DMV Hair Extensions Washington DC are curated to cleanse, nourish and maintain the youthful look of hair extensions so that they gel well with your natural hair.

Daily Maintenance Conditioner
Shampooing your hair isn’t enough, you have to condition it as well to prevent it from breakage and damage to the cuticles. Regular maintenance of your hair is necessary to keep it soft and supple. Presenting DMV Hair Daily Maintenance Conditioner. This brilliant formula contains Vitamin A&E and proteins which moisturizes and strengthens the hair extensions. Apply daily on your natural hair to get tangle-free, smooth hair.

DMV Conditioner
If your hair seems frizzy and dry, this DMV Conditioner will mend it with grace. Containing the goodness of natural oils and shea butter, this gem of a product will protect your hair from pollution and  premature degradation.

Wind and pollution can cause frizz and tangles to your hair. Getting rid of drops of Coco oil will help loosen the tangles and protect it from breakage during combing.

702 Hair Extensions Las Vegas new 702 gel is a hairstyling product that holds moisture of your hair and protects it from frizzing. This highly concentrated gel will add body and shine to your hair and improve its manageability.

Thermal hair protector
Protect your hair all day long with DMV Hair Extensions thermal hair protector. This product smoothens the cuticles on your hair shaft and makes them less prone to frizzing in humidity. Your hair will stay shiny and lustrous all day long.

DMV Shampoo
Worried that washing your hair will fade your salon color? 702 Hair  Extensions Shampoo protects and preserves your salon hair from fading. The cascade of peptides and nutrients maintains the youthness of the hair and keeps it shiny and bouncy.

702 Conditioner
If your hair looks dull and lifeless, you need a proven formula to undo the damage caused to your hair. 702 Hair Conditioner gets into action right from your hair cuticles. Its deep penetrating peptides strengthen the hair shafts and bring radiance to your hair. Good for hair extensions, it’s vitamins and minerals smoothens the hair and lends brilliant shine to it.

702 Thermal Mist
If you want a protective armour for your hair, this breakthrough solution will come handy. Presenting 702 Thermal Mist, a protective agent for your hair. It's all-vegan extracts and exotic Buriti oils resists humidity while providing a good hold for flaunting those high buns and tousled waves.

702 Lite Hold
This hair spray from the 702 family is lightweight and doesn’t prove too sticky for your hair. Perfect for a medium hold, this product provides instant gloss and makes your hair soft and smooth.

702 Firm Hold
This exotic hair spray is built to give you a good hold to your hairstyle all day long. It’s weightless formula protects your hair and adds luxe to your hair.

702 Hair Extensions has been a pioneer in hair extensions and hair products. Catering to a vast clientele, the company is responsible for creating a hair-extension wave among fashionista women. It doesn’t matter which look you want to flaunt, but if you want to add that extra pizzazz to your hair, our products have to be on your highly recommended list. After all, women love outdoing each other when it comes to looks. So if you want to floor everyone with your hair gear, shop with us. We have got your back. 

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